Wild-West Road-Trip: from Yellowstone to the Grand Teton National Park

Wild-West Road-Trip: from Yellowstone to the Grand Teton National Park

Published: July 31st, 2017

Yellowstone to The Grand Teton

Usually, these driving days are packed with things to do, but nothing to see. We typically wake up and prepare the RV to roll out to the next spot. Today was different because Grand Teton National Park is adjacent to Yellowstone on the southern border. We had a little time to spend in Yellowstone on the way because we couldn’t check into our new campsite until four o’clock.

Jennifer really wanted to see the mud volcanos at Yellowstone, so we went as early as we could to find good parking.

There were some very hot features at this location. The roiling spring looked as thought it was boiling over, but a nearby exhibit noted that the pond is not actually boiling, but roiling as the name would imply. Gas is escaping from deep underground, but the pond is not superheated.

As we passed the roiling spring, the most amazing thing waited for us near the path. A huge bison sat only twenty-five feet or so from the boardwalk. It didn’t seem to mind us at all, but I had heard stories of the tourist who left the boardwalk for a selfie with another animal, or maybe the same animal, in the same spot.

That tourist left the park on a stretcher headed for the hospital after the Bison gored her. Respect for these creatures will save your life.

We also saw a really interesting vent that had been named, “Dragon’s Mouth.” The sound from the opening was awesome. If I was from an earlier time, maybe I would have believed that a dragon really did live in that cave.

Steam and sulfur-smell pulsed out of the rocks in a regular breathing fashion. I joked with Adelyn that there was a dragon in the cave and asked her what she would say if we were to meet it. She indicated that she would ask why the dragon was so smelly.

An hour or two later, we were in the Grand Teton National Park. We had pizza at a nice place by the marina, and enjoyed the beautiful weather as a cool breeze rolled off the mountains. I’m not really interested in owning a boat, but I would have said the same thing about an RV before this trip and now I'm not so sure.

For those who have a way to stay on the water in this park, it must be like heaven to wake up to this view every morning. The Teton range is jagged and tooth-like in the way they suddenly spring from the lake-shore. The trees garnish the base of the landscape and snow settles in the upper valleys. Clouds hover over the peaks of the Grand Teton and Mount Owen. It’s perfect, really.

We went into Jackson to resupply and find some internet. We needed just enough to make some changes to our plans after analyzing the logistics of our sunset tour the following day. More on that later. For now, I’m content to have seen one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. Tomorrow, we’ll hike around Jenny lake and enjoy the air. It's therapeutic, honestly. Just being here makes me feel good. Take care, friends:)

- Wayne

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August 7th, 2017 Dan:

Those clouds are just way beyond fantastic. I have always enjoyed seeing the peaks, but in your photos I'm drawn to the clouds. Thanks for the memories.


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