Krisztina Der performs Komorebi by Kyle Rowan

Krisztina Der performs Komorebi by Kyle Rowan

Published: May 4th, 2017

 If you love light like I do, and like studying physics on the internet, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion that I did: Light doesn’t just illuminate our world, it demonstrates the fundamental speed limit of the construct we call, “causality.” (Citation:  Don’t worry about that too much, unless you want to find yourself thinking about math and matter on complex kinda way.

I wouldn’t even bring this up except that Kyle Rowan’s piece, Komorebi, plays out in my mind in ways that make me think about these concepts in the middle of the night, when I should be sleeping. I should really mention that none of this actually comes from anything that Kyle Rowan has said about this piece to me, and that I don’t know anything about Kyle’s intention in this work.

Imagine that you are standing in a room surrounded by darkness. Then, imagine that the sounds you create and the moods or contexts in which you hear those sounds cause lights of various colors to flood over you. Not only are you influencing those lights, but they are also influencing you. Moreover, you are standing in the light and causing shadows on the floor.

What does that sound like? Would it be playful or serious? How would you choose to interact with those lights using sound and the shape of your body? I won’t spoil it for you. I won’t try to tell you how it should be. I just want to show you how Krisztina Der interprets Kyle Rowan’s Komorebi. 

It's always so interesting to see the world from other peoples' perspectives. So, check out what Krisztina had to say about her experience on her blog here:

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